“A meditation on relationships, and a pretty eviscerating investigation of the role of a hero, all wrapped up in a Seventh Seal-like plunge into the darker aspects of human nature.” – Bleeding Cool


Created by Zander Cannon.

Hector “Heck” Hammarskjold used to be somebody. A hometown hero quarterback who took his team to a state title, Heck’s star faded after he tried to make it in the real world, and these days, he spends most of his time trying to avoid anything that reminds him of his former glory. Unfortunately for Heck, this gets a whole lot harder when his father death brings him back to his hometown for the funeral and to deal with his father’s estate, which includes a creepy mansion at the top of a hill. As a child, Heck always got a bad feeling from that house, and for good reason – as he’s clearing out his father’s things, Heck finds that the mansion hides a gateway to Hell itself!

Ever the entrepreneur and in need of a win, Heck uses his father’s dark secret to start a profitable business. Heck enlists Elliott Fnordbjerg, the former water boy from his high school football team as his number 2. Elliot has always been reliable but these days his nerves are bit frayed and he’s held together by magic and bandages after a nasty encounter with a demon. Never-the-less, Heck and Elliot manage to make a living delivering messages to the damned and learning their final secrets for their families. It’s a good gig (even if Elliott’s current sorry state proves that it’s more than a little dangerous), but somehow going into hell is about to get even more complicated when Amy, Heck’s high school crush and still the girl of his dreams, shows up on Heck’s doorstep with a job for him.

Amy’s husband recently died in a car accident, and she needs Heck to deliver him a letter. While Amy loved her husband, he was a man with many secrets, and for her own closure she needs to know what they were. Heck agrees, if only for the chance to get closer to her, but what he and Elliott don’t realize is that this mission will take them deeper into Hell than they’ve ever gone before. As Heck and Elliott navigate the twisted landscapes and unimaginable dangers of the inner circles of Hell, they’ll come face to face with their own sins and secrets, as well as a horrible truth that awaits them in the center of the abyss. Will they survive, or is this mission doomed to be their last?

The vividly drawn Hell of Dante’s Inferno serves as the backdrop to an Indiana Jones-style adventure. Take an unforgettable journey into the depths of Hell itself with Heck, a hero whose flaws and struggles are the thing that give him power. A story of sin, a story of friendship, and a story of the dark things we hide from each other, Heck is packed with incredible characters, wry humor, pulse-pounding adventure, and amazing revelations that will keep people guessing and begging for more.