Heartbreakers Meet Boilerplate


Queenie and Delta, a female superhero action duo, known as the Heartbreakers, team up with the long-lost 19th-century robot, Boilerplate (already a worldwide legend), for a science fiction adventure featuring kung fu clones and robot romance!


Created by Paul Guinean and Anina Bennett.

Robot love, kung-fu clones, and everything rad is what you’ll find in The Heartbreakers Meet Boilerplate!

The Heartbreakers are a kick-ass group of female clones spun out of the DNA of famed (and deceased) geneticist Therese Sorenson. Delta, originally created for the purpose of being Dr. Sorenson’s lab assistant, is a brilliant geneticist in her own right currently focusing her work on cybernetics. Queenie, a former bodyguard for Dr. Sorenson, has been engineered to be faster and stronger than just about everyone and has been trained in the ways of the Bushido. And then of course, there’s the namesake Heartbreakers, two women cloned from Queenie that serve as bodyguards and super-soldiers for human and human recipient rights!

In a wild past-meets-future alternate version of United States history, clones are a common thing – so common that after a hard-fought political battle, legislature is about to be passed granting them nearly the same rights as human beings. In the midst of this time of social upheaval, the Heartbreakers are brought a relic thought lost to time – Boilerplate! Boilerplate is a mechanical marvel from the past who was designed to replace infantrymen in wars. Delta sets out to repair him, but not all is well. The Wexler twins, the last surviving remnants of clone manufacturing megacorp Biovoc, aren’t satisfied with the quickly dropping stock in clone enslavement. They’ve been laying in wait for just the precise moment, and Boilerplate’s resurfacing proves to be the perfect opportunity.

As the Wexlers make their way to Earth from a secret hideaway on Jupiter’s moon, Delta is hard at work fixing Boilerplate. It’s not long after she has Boilerplate repaired that he’s put into action when the Wexlers launch a surprise attack on the Heartbreakers. Boilerplate’s combat prowess and tactical thinking combined with the ass-kicking ability of the Heartbreakers rattles the Wexlers, causing one of them to doubt their motivations and quite literally give up altogether. Desperate and alone, the remaining Wexler takes to the skies to pursue Boilerplate and Queenie who have taken a too early victory lap in a vintage plane. Exposed and out maneuvered, Boilerplate comes to the most logical course of action: launch himself out of the plane toward Wexler. Against all odds, the foolhardy decision works, the Wexlers are stopped, and Boilerplate is no worse for the wear.

The Heartbreakers Meet Boilerplate is a heart pumping blend of sci-fi, steampunk, and superheroines that uses its zaniness to to shine a candid light on what makes the heart beat. Chock-full of action, some non-conventional romance, and unexpected twists and turns, Guinan and Bennett’s wild tale dares to wink and ask: is love reserved for humans?