Half Past Danger


Mooney smartly has framed his story around interesting characters that in lesser hands could easily have come off as a greatest hits of other facets of serialized fiction. The story rips along with an excitement and humour that is sadly missing from an age where being darker and realistic are too often confused with being better. – Following the Nerd


Created by Stephen Mooney.

It’s 1943 and a squad of Allied troops crosses an island in the South Pacific, led by fast-talking, never-fearing Sergeant Tommy Flynn. Making their way through the dense forest, they uncover a secret German base and hundreds of Nazis. But the enemy quickly becomes the least of Flynn’s problems when his squad runs into something even more fearsome in the jungle: Dinosaurs. The prehistoric beasts don’t take kindly to intruders, and Flynn’s soldiers find themselves on the wrong side of history’s greatest predators.

After the attack and safe back on home shores, Flynn, the lone survivor, drinks himself into a stupor to chase away the horrifying memories. But the pictures he brought home are of great interest to the top brass and they have every intention of putting him back on that island, whether he likes it or not. This time, however, they’ve assembled an elite group of warriors to back him up. Army super-soldier John Noble, MI6 agent Elizabeth Moss, and Japanese ex-pat martial artist Ishikawa Minamoto. The dream team all have their own reasons for going up against impossible odds to stop the Nazis, but coupled with their grave doubts about Flynn’s ability to lead – this is going to be anyone’s game. Though reluctant to put down the bottle and embrace a new team after losing his former comrades, Flynn accepts the mission and his unlikely partners – before he can blink they are on a military transport heading to the South Pacific.

After escaping a plane crash and punching their way out of a shark attack, the team makes it to the island—ready to take on dinosaurs and figure out the Nazis’ masterplan. A stranded Austrian paleontologist reveals a piece of the puzzle: the Nazis intend to use the dinosaurs’ unique biology to perfect a virus that could help them win the war, and they’re preparing to ship the giant beasts back to Germany.

Train surfing, T-Rex fights, submarine duels, double-crosses, and all kinds of explosions lead to a standoff with the Nazi commander who is interested in more than just turning the dinosaurs into his own personal weapons. One way or another, Flynn and company have to keep the dinosaurs from leaving the island—to keep humanity from going extinct.

Park meets Raiders of the Lost Ark in an epic adventure that revels in its sensational subject matter, creating a fast-paced, high-concept, hard-hitting sci-fi/action blockbuster. It’s fun, it’s exciting, and it never lets up.