Groom Lake


Written by Chris Ryall. Art by Ben Templesmith.

In the remote Nevada desert, there sits a dry lakebed called Groom Lake (totally true), and under that it is a secret government base (maybe true), and below that is where the government keeps all of the aliens (totally not true…or is it?) From the minds of Chris Ryall and Ben Templesmith comes Groom Lake, a tale of unwanted abductions, unnecessary probings, unsubstantiated conspiracies, and other mildly unsavory and otherworldly affairs!

The story begins when Karl Bauer, aimless son of an absentee dad, discovers that his father was not only an abductee but that he’s suddenly and inexplicably returned. What’s more, his father’s altered DNA has changed Karl’s own genetic makeup, which may result in either grotesque mutation or, possibly worth, premature and explosive death. Luckily, Special Agent Leticia Pope is there to lead Karl to a secret base in Nevada where he can be treated.

Deep under Area 51, our not-so-bright hero befriends several aliens, including Archibald—an affable gray alien with six-fingers and an insatiable appetite for cigarettes and chocolate. Karl also meets Archibald’s pet Blob, a killer alien robot bent on calling down an invasion of other killer robots, and assorted other aliens of all shapes and sizes, Trusting these aliens might not be the best move, as when Archibald convinces Karl to breakout of Groom Lake and go on a global bender, but desperate times and revealed secrets leave him little choice.

Aided by Roberta Lazar, a jaded base worker who’s grown numb to all the insane things she’s seen, the group escapes, forming an intergalactic team that’s the complete opposite of a sane, competent group like the Avengers Cleaning up Leticia’s messes falls to Project: Black Book, a deadly special-ops group tasked with eliminating any and all outstanding evidence that aliens exist—along with any civilians who might have been privy to it.

With Project: Black Book activated, the escapees must run for their lives! But with a now-imminent alien invasion on the way, might this ragtag team be the only chance our planet has for survival? Shiftless, fatherless, and clueless Karl just might end up saving—or possibly dooming—all of mankind!