Struck down by a mysterious accident, Tom Talbot awakens to find that playing pretend has suddenly become all too real. He now has power limited only by his imagination-but can he balance being a kid, his new secret identity and saving the city all while doing his homework?

Created by Wayne Osborne and John Byrne.

From Wayne Osborne and John Byrne (Superman, Fantastic Four) comes FX, a dynamic series about a teenage boy who is granted the power to live out all his make-believe fantasies—for better or for worse— in this “tribute to the Silver Age of superheroes” (Eye on Comics).

High schooler Tom Talbot has a wild imagination. With his best friend, Jack, he dreams up crazy scenarios. Like he’s a medieval knight battling to save a princess…who happens to resemble Raye, his crush at school. But one day, when he’s play-fighting with Jack in a forest, he’s struck by a mysterious source of energy. Showing strange brain activity, he falls into a coma that doctors can’t explain. Days later, he awakes in a hospital, and his life will never be the same.

After Tom is released, he sneaks out to hang with Jack and imagines that they’re shooting guns at Nazis. Instantly, Tom’s hand is surrounded by gun-shaped light that shoots fiery, exploding missiles. Apparently his strange encounter in the forest gave him superpowers that allow him to make whatever special effects he dreams up real. And with Tom’s vivid imagination, that can only mean one thing…. trouble. Testing his powers even more, Tom transforms into tanks, racecars, and rockets. With the purchase of one five-dollar costume from the mall, he’s suddenly a new crime-fighting force to be reckoned with, calling himself “FX.”

Like any good superhero, Tom must keep his new identity a secret — mostly because if his parents find out, they’ll flip their lid. But spending his days in high school around a bunch of jocks and bullies makes it pretty hard to hide his powers. Still, Tom manages to pull it off until a school trip to the zoo, when a gigantic silverback goes berserk and runs off with Raye. Tom rescues her but learns that being a superhero is a lot harder than it looks.

Then mysteriously one day, Tom receives a new superhero suit in the mail. Somebody seems to be onto his secret. But before he can figure out who it is, he’s got a movie date with Jack and Vicki, two friends from his class. Like Tom, Vicki has special abilities too…she can move objects with her mind. At the movies, everything seems normal until out of nowhere, the trio is attacked by live vampires, mummies, and Frankensteins! Tom is forced to blow his cover and turn into FX to save them. He’s in over his head—it’s impossible to be a superhero and a regular kid at the same time. But he’s always dug adventure, and now that he’s gotten a taste of the crime-fighting life, there’s no turning back.

Like Spiderman and X-Men, FX is a high-octane dose of fun for anyone who’s ever dreamt of being superhero. What would you do if you could manifest anything in front of your eyes? FX shows us just how challenging this choice can be while Tom tries to control his imaginative powers, save his friends, and still be a normal kid. In the end, he discovers fighting supervillains and monsters is super scary…but it’s also damn cool and way more fun than high school.