Frankenstein Alive, Alive


The legendary, late Bernie Wrightson and long time writing partner Steve Niles, pick up where Mary Shelley left off continuing Frankenstein’s story from the monster’s perspective.


Created by Steve Niles and Bernie Wrightson.

From the legendary horror team of the late Bernie Wrightson and Steve Niles comes Frankenstein Alive, Alive, the much-anticipated sequel to Wrightson’s illustrated adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Winner of a National Cartoonist Society award, Frankenstein Alive, Alive continues the story of a lonely monster searching for the meaning of existence.

It’s the Great Depression and Frankenstein’s monster is alive and well, working at a carnival as a sideshow freak. He calls himself Frankenstein – because what else could he call himself? The carnival provides steady pay, a roof over his head, hot meals…it’s not a bad life. But he’s tormented by the memories of Victor Frankenstein bringing him to life and then abandoning him to fend for himself in a hostile world.

When Frankenstein’s thirst for revenge becomes too much to bear he murders Victor’s loved ones and Victor chases him to the North Pole where he meets his own death. But Victor’s ghost haunts the remorseful Frankenstein, who buries himself in an erupting volcano as self-punishment for his crimes. Years later, he’s dug up by a physician and scholar named Simon Ingles who reanimates our dear monster.

Unlike everyone else Frankenstein has encountered, Ingles isn’t repulsed by his appearance. Rather, he welcomes him into his house. Through Ingles, Frankenstein learns more about the world and gains his first friend. A new beginning. That is until Ingles gives Frankenstein a tour of his laboratory. Its foul potions and smells remind Frankenstein of Victor’s workshop. Does Ingles aspire to conduct experiments at the expense of innocent lives? Does he have a special plan for Frankenstein?

A throwback to the Gothic horror movies of the thirties, Frankenstein Alive, Alive offers a brooding take on the classic story. Frankenstein wants to be accepted by a world that sees him as a monster. But death and destruction follow him wherever he goes. Can he fight his savage nature? Only time will tell.