Four Women


Two voices, one of a counselor and the other her client, begin this chilling worst-nightmare story – the graphic-novel equivalent of an outstanding Twilight Zone episode.


Created by Sam Kieth.

After barely surviving a disastrous road trip with her best friends, Donna, a divorced mother of two, needs to pick up the pieces of her life. Hoping to make sense of what happened, she visits a psychiatrist and unravels her strange story…

It begins when she and three other women are driving to a wedding. Donna’s the “normal” one of the group—not too wild, but not uptight, either. Marion, on the other hand, is a Christian mom whose husband just left her for a younger woman. Nineteen-year-old Cindy is still finding herself. And Lawyer Bev doesn’t take crap from anyone. She’s the protective mama bear of them all…and also who Donna blames for the trip going horribly wrong…

The trouble starts when they stop at a gas station. Bev is at the wheel—as usual. Donna offers to take over, but Bev declines…setting the events of the night in motion. Back on the road, their car dies…miles and miles away from the nearest town. Bev orders everyone to stay put. Soon, she says, the police will find them.

Except two scary looking men in an enormous truck find them first. They approach the car…a terrified Marion goes into shock. Cindy insists that she needs medical help. But Bev, Donna claims, yells at everyone to shut up…and keeps the car doors locked. Maybe the men are just messing with them? The men bang on the car windows, beginning a deadly game of cat and mouse. To Donna’s frustration, Bev is convinced that the women should sit tight and wait the men out.

But the men don’t back down. They get back in the truck…drive over the car…trap the women inside. And yank Cindy’s legs out of the car. Marion begs Bev to let them out and save Cindy….Donna tries to unlock the doors by force. But Bev is relentless—even when the men threaten Cindy with a knife. If they leave the car, she won’t let them back in. No matter what…

As Donna unpacks what happened that night, her psychiatrist senses that she’s holding back. Sometimes, she mixes up names in her story. And Bev being the bad guy doesn’t ring true. Maybe Donna blames her because she doesn’t want to admit the truth—that she and not Bev failed her friends when they needed her most…

Four Women is a tense and harrowing tale of survivor’s guilt. In what could be the last seconds of your life, would you try to save your friends or just save yourself? Is a lifetime of remorse more tortuous than the life threatening experience itself? In this tough and terrifying thriller, a group of women with the will to survive cope with the consequences of defeating death and the psychological remnants of trauma.