Fistful of Blood


Yohimbo collides with “Last Man Standing” in this crazy, goth horror, spaghetti western.


Created by Kevin Eastman and Simon Bisley.

Not many folks remember what the original name of this ramshackle little Western town was, but fans the world over remember the shows and movies it turned up in – it was the setting of the classic TV show Shanghai Sheriff, and it cemented its place on the map after the classic Western Fistful of Blood was filmed there. Even though the film industry packed up and left years ago, the occasional fanboy or girl will make a pilgrimage , eager to see the sight of their favorite Westerns. But these days anyone who wanders in never seems to leave.

See, this here town is run by two clans, the Van Bismarks and the McDonalds. Not only do these two families hate each other, they also have a pair of very dark secrets – the Van Bismarks are zombies and the McDonalds are vampires. Although the bad blood between them runs deep, they’ve worked out a fragile peace. When a hapless tourist wanders into town, the zombies get the flesh, and the vampires get the blood. Aided by a human innkeeper (who’s kept in line as the clans are holding his wife and daughter hostage), the clans have taken the term “tourist trap” to a whole new level, and it was all going so well until She showed up.

She appears one day amidst the buzzards and searing sands of a lonely desert, silently wandering into town. Nameless, mute, and seemingly half-alive, she may not have much, but she’s about to paint this deadly little tourist town a brutal shade of red. The zombies think she’s an easy meal, but as soon as she manages to get one of their six-shooters in her hand, she shows them otherwise. It only takes a few well-placed bullets before the zombies and vampires both realize that she’s not somebody they want to mess with – but she may be more important as an asset. Both clans are sick of each other and they want the town for themselves, which seems like it’d be easy work if either clan could get this silent, mysterious woman on their side. But she’s in town with her own agenda, and by the time both sides realize the mind-bending secret she’s hiding, there might not even be a town left to claim.

In Fistful of Blood, the hunters become the hunted in a blood-soaked, action-packed story filled with twists and turns that will keep people on the edge of their seat. Gunfight at the O.K. Corral meets From Dusk Til Dawn with a healthy dash of Dawn of the Dead added in for good measure. Fistful of Blood is an action-packed, off-the-wall horror/western that Fangoria called, “the most over the top yet fun read on the market right now.”