Falling For Lionheart


Lionheart, the world’s greatest, toughest super hero is on top of the world with nightly out-of-control parties and girls throwing themselves at him.. But the one girl he loves, is the team tramp. Nothing seems to cheer our lovesick hero until he meets someone else. If only he’d give her the time of day and take his eyes off that tramp…


Created by Ilias Kyriazis.

When beefcake superhero Leo “Lionheart” Hartfield isn’t soaring through the skies and kicking supervillain butt, he lives the life – the life of the party that is, surrounded by a group of buffed up and sexy crime fighters called “The Squad.” They party all night at the hottest and wildest clubs with gorgeous girls falling all over them. But Leo’s had enough of guzzling shots and bedding babes. He’s on the hunt for true romance.

He’s madly in love with fellow superhero hottie, Ubergirl, the Squad’s resident man-eater…who coincidentally won’t give him the time of day. He keeps trying to woo her—while his meathead friends Metalhead and Burger make fun of him for never learning. But our superhero softie can’t stop looking for love in all the wrong places.

Then, in a park one day, Leo secretly absconds to draw comics about being a superhero – a sort of illustrated diary of him pummeling bad guys into pulp and pining over Ubergirl. Here, he meets meets Cassandra. Funny and smart…funky and tattooed…and a civilian. Metalhead and Burger would never look at her twice. But the more they talk, the more our hero like likes her, even though she’s nothing like Ubergirl. Or maybe he likes her because she isn’t like Ubergirl. And Cassandra seems to dig him, too.

They bond over comics and she tells him she loves his drawings. Finally, Leo meets a girl who isn’t just into his rugged good looks! But Cassandra doesn’t recognize that he’s Lionheart, and he can’t bring himself to tell her. With her help, he publishes his comics and gets a taste of the “real person” life. While sipping wine at gallery openings, having candlelit dinners, and taking long walks in the park, Leo and Cassandra eventually fall head over heels for each other. This is definitely not the Squad’s scene, but our smitten hero has never been happier.

Except Leo refuses to share his secret with Cassandra. He fits into her civilian world but will she fit into his superhero life — being chased by paparazzi, dodging explosions, funneling beer at all-night parties? What if she doesn’t like Lionheart as much as Leo?

Leo is faced with the dilemma of revealing his alter ego, Lionheart, which in turn begs him to uncover his true nature. Cassandra has unraveled a different side of him, one that he never thought was possible, and in the unraveling, he has discovered other sides to his character that hold value and meaning.

Mixing action-packed fight sequences with heart, Falling for Lionheart begs us to ask ourselves, who are we and who do we truly want to be? Beyond a wild and fast paced existence, even the bravest, toughest heroes need love.