Everybody’s Dead


Written by Brian Lynch. Art by Dave Crosland.

Acclaimed animation writer Brian Lynch’s zombie comic, Everybody’s Dead, is the story of a group of slacker college kids who survive an overnight apocalypse. Now they must rebuild civilization in their image, but they’re the last people on Earth who should be the last people on Earth

College can be tough. Making new friends, falling in love, finding someone over 21 to buy your beer… meet the members of Beta Eta Delta, the worst frat on campus. Little do they know that they’ll wake up tomorrow and be the only frat on campus… scratch the only frat on Earth!

A meteor hits Earth, and everyone is turned into a flesh-chomping zombie overnight—everyone except for the 10 members of Beta Eta Delta. And it’s up to them to survive the zombie-pocalypse! Now they must fend off legions of the undead and restart civilization in their own image! But first, how do you get a decent wi-fi signal during the apocalypse?

Everybody’s Dead is a delightful, hilarious world filled with endearing, empathetic characters who are just trying to grow up the only way they know how—all while fending off the undead.