Written by Steve Niles. Art by Kyle Hotz.

Epilogue, from the legendary Steve Niles, is a supernatural “superhero” tale in the vein of Spawn and The Punisher about a vampire who is out for vengeance and will brutally kill the criminals of his city.

The story starts with our mysterious anti-hero surrounded by members of every gang in town: The 44th Street Dreads, the Locos Niners, the Los Velez and all the rest. He’s here to explain that he’s the one who has been ruining their operations and that he’ll take them all out. Obviously, this causes everyone to open fire on him and the bullets tear his body to shreds.

Which makes it all the more intimidating when he proceeds to tear a man’s head off.

Taking it back to the start, Ethan was a father and loving husband. He, his wife Sandra and their two children, Holly and Christopher were out on a family camping trip. It was supposed to be a nice time (and a way to trick the kids into giving Ethan and Sandra some peace to reconnect). That all came crashing to an end when the family was attacked by a gang of vampires. Ethan tried to defend his family and was thrown off a nearby cliff with a chunk of his thrown torn out. The rest of his family was devoured. And he was dead.

Back to the present, Detectives Marci Kramer and Steve Winchell are investigating the gang decapitations. Their investigation becomes both much easier and far more difficult after Ethan calls Kramer and informs her he’s on their side. Kramer has almost no more information to work from, but now she knows whoever is committing these killings thinks he’s on the side of the angels.

The case escalates as Ethan’s crusade continues. After being seen by a civilian photographer (whose pictures did not develop) attacking a gang member and a police officer in deep cover, Ethan suddenly finds himself branded as a cop-killer. This strengthens Kramer and Winchell’s resolve to find him—before any other cops do.

Meanwhile, Ethan’s boldness grows. Now knowing he cannot be captured on camera, he commits a full-frontal assault against a gang headquarters–and as he kills, he reflects on how he has broken his one rule by killing the cop.

Beyond that, word of Ethan’s adventures spreads and attracts the attention of three hardcore vampire killers who come to see the “hero” vampire and take him out. Ultimately, the stories all collide in a battle between Ethan, the other killer vampires, and the police in a gorey, gruesome brawl.

Epilogue exists at the intersection of life and death, telling the story of Ethan’s life-after-life. It explores the depths a person is willing to go through, including becoming his own worst nightmare, to exact vengeance and find something resembling justice in a unique combination of superheroics and horror.