Eighth Seal


One woman’s visceral nightmares bleEd into reality as she struggles to live in the political spotlight. Is she losing her mind, or do these visions hold some darker truth?


Created by James Tynion IV and Jeremy Rock.

Amelia has been seeing things. No matter what medications she takes or how many times she sees a psychiatrist, the visions are always there. She sees herself as a monster, a creature with huge yellow eyes, sharp teeth, a dozen arms–and she sees herself murdering people. It’s terrifying, but also electrifying. She feels beautiful and powerful when she sees herself this way. She feels like she’s saving the people she’s destroying, setting them free. It’s a complex feeling–and made even more complicated by who she is. I mean… no one wants the First Lady of the United States to be hallucinating, do they?

But the visions might not just be visions–and as she begins to see the monster more and more, the pain she imagines causing in her mind becomes real. Her assistant, Brian, finds her sleepwalking in her office, her hands cut open with a knife–and a seal carved onto her desk. Her eyes glow yellow. No longer willing to believe that Amelia is just hallucinating, Brian starts investigating the symbol and what it could mean.

Meanwhile, Christian, the President’s chief of staff, has his own plans for Amelia. A member of a cult called the Servants of the Seals, Christian knows exactly what’s happening to her–and he and his comrades are responsible. But they didn’t expect her visions to become so powerful so quickly, or for the thing inside of her to begin communicating with her, to tell her things about the seals. When Amelia loses her tenuous grip on reality during a television interview, screaming that she’s going to kill everyone, they must move their plans forward much quicker.

They move Amelia to Camp David, under the care of her psychiatrist Dr. West–also a member of the Servants of the Seals. And the final devastating piece of the plan is activated when Christian demands that the President do everything that he says, if he ever wants to see Amelia alive and well again. Desperate and confused, the President agrees–and the Servants of the Seals set their plans in motion. Their goal? To take control of the United States–and from there, the world.

But Brian is inching closer to the truth–his research leading him to the information that he wants. He realizes what the Servants of the Seals want to do–and knows he has to get the information out there. But before he can go public, he finds his home has been broken into, his partner isdead and an assassin is waiting for him. Brian manages to get a call off to the the President–only to be gunned down where he stands before he can spill the news.

Meanwhile Amelia is beginning to succumb to her hallucinations – her fear has totally disolved, leaving the monster even more powerful. After she commits an unthinkable evil at it’s behest, will she ever be able to turn back?

Political intrigue collides with a supernatural occult in The Eighth Seal–when one woman must battle her own demons, both real and symbolic, for the fate of the country.