Edge of Doom


Written by Steve Niles.

The Avengers meets Hellraiser in Edge of Doom, a twisted new world from horror dream duo Steve Niles (30 Days of Night, Criminal Macabre) and Kelley Jones (Batman, Sandman) filled with hungry demons, evil surgeons, military secrets, and a group of special people who’ve found each other after being pushed to their limits—and beyond.

Bitter divorcee Richard Stallman has finally snapped during a booze-fueled breakdown on a riding lawnmower. Intrepid astronaut Andrew Morgan is running experiments on the surface of an alien world. Soon-to-be-divorced couple Lola and Don Carpets are on their way to one final public appearance. Undercover cop Peter Phillips is worried his cover is about to slip.

What do these people have in common? They’re about to have a brush with the edge of doom.

After miraculously surviving encounters with the supernatural and depraved thanks to powers they didn’t know they had, five wildly different people are recruited by a top-secret division of the US Military. The goal? Form a team of people who’ve been identified as optimal survivors and use them to clean up messes that the government would like to see disappear.

At first it all seems like a dream, but when things go south, the new team finds themselves in the crosshairs of the government they’ve been risking their lives for. On the run from the greatest military force the world has ever known and too transformed to fit back into the lives they left behind, Stallman, Phillips, Morgan, and the Carpets will have to band together to make new lives for themselves in a world that wants them dead. Armed with their own developing powers and an intimate knowledge of where Uncle Sam hides his dirty laundry, they’ll fight for survival against a government gone mad—if they can survive each other first.

If Japanese horror legend Takashi Miike got to direct the Fantastic Four, it still wouldn’t be as eye-popping and bizarre as this super team. Tragic, grotesque, and more than a little deranged, they’re not the super heroes that anybody expected, but they might just be the ones we need.

At its twisted, black heart, The Edge of Doom is a story about different people trying to navigate the wounds of their own trauma to form a community against all odds and how sometimes the best friends we’ve ever had come from the worst places we’ve ever been. And also monsters. You’re goddamn right there’re monsters.