Easy Way


A motley crew of four men steal a drug-sniffing dog and cruise storage units, hoping to find one where drug traffickers have stashed their merchandise, they find a unit loaded with bricks of cocaine and a chest that contains severed thumbs in various stages of decay. And then the fun begins.


Created and Written by Christopher E. Long. Art by Andy Kuhn.

Duncan is a coke addict, and his wife, Natalie, has had enough of his relapses. When she shows up at the rehab facility–that he’s landed himself in again–she tells him that she’s taking their daughter Macy and moving to Utah to live with her parents. No amount of begging will make her change her mind, and his promises to change fall on deaf ears. Duncan needs cash–and fast, to prove to Natalie that he can take care of her, that he can get clean. But how does he make money when he’s living in rehab with a bunch of other losers trying–and generally failing–to get their lives together? When you’re an addict, no one’s really jumping at the chance to hire you.

Luckily, his roommate Raz has a plan–and just the right group of desperate junkies to pull it off. All drug traffickers keep their stash in storage units, right? And what better place to find the right storage unit than San Diego, where Mexican drug mules carry their cargo over the border! All they have to do is steal a drug-sniffing dog so they can figure out which unit to break into!

It all goes according to plan. In fact, it’s almost too easy. Their jackpot storage unit is not only crammed full of millions of dollars of cocaine, but also a chest full of severed thumbs! It’s a gruesome warning. But they’ve come this far, and they aren’t going to go back now–not without flipping the coke and making themselves all rich.

Looking to sell and sell fast, team rehab seeks out Steve, an old friend who has the contacts they need to get it out on the street. Everything is going just as it’s supposed to and Steve tells them the money is flowing in. Duncan is going to convince his wife to stay by showing her he can take care of them. Jimmy won’t have to get a job disinfecting shoes in a bowling alley. Joel will get behind the wheel of his dream car–a Ford F-150. The group splits up with dreams of their future on their minds.

But little do they know that their troubles have just begun. Marcus, fresh out of a five-year stint in prison, is ready to collect his coke stash and make some money–but it’s gone! The lock on his storage unit has been cut off, and the manager has no idea what could have happened to it. After chopping off the man’s thumbs and slashing his throat, Marcus, and his right-hand man Nugget, set off to find out exactly what happened to their drugs–and he’ll kill anyone who gets in his way.

Drenched in the blood of dirty deals and the brutal murders that follow them, Easy Way is a non-stop drug heist adventure in which a group of men with regrettable pasts must decide how they will shape their futures–and whether to do it the right way or the easy way.   But can money really solve their problems, or will they have to figure out another way to battle their demons?