Created by John Byrne.

When the world ended in fire, the surviving crew of the International Space Station feared returning home to a dead and silent world, but what they found was worse…other people. Mad Max collides with the Walking Dead in Doomsday.1, a pulse-pounding post-apocalyptic survival series from comics legend John Byrne.

It wasn’t long after the President went on TV to announce the discovery of the biggest solar flare in human history that the firestorm began. It hit like a wave, leveling forests and cities and evaporating the oceans itself as it raged across our planet. Days later, when the fires died, the Earth as we knew it was dead. Every great city, work of art, technological advancement, and human marvel had been reduced to grey ash disappearing in the wind. All evidence of mankind was gone. Or so it appeared.

After helplessly watching the world burn from above, the crew of the International Space Station returns to Earth. The survivors—Captain Greg Boyd, a charismatic American pilot with his fair share of daddy issues, Richard Benning, a headstrong British billionaire who craves being in control, Dr. Hikari Akiyama, a genius Japanese physicist whose size and gender constantly make people underestimate her, Pascal Brussard, a soft-natured French biologist, Yulia Kunov, a pregnant Russian communications whiz who’s handy with a pistol, and enthusiastic Canadian pilot Gordie West—think the worst is behind them when they watch the sun rise over the ashes of Earth the morning after the apocalypse. But the worst is just about to begin.

International diplomacy isn’t easy under the best of circumstances, much less after the end of the world, and the team will have to navigate conflicts both personal and political (not to mention their egos) as they try to figure out how to survive. Unfortunately for them, their biggest obstacle isn’t the landscape. The crew of the ISS aren’t the only people who managed to survive doomsday, and as they travel across the world they’ll have to fight off bloodthirsty killers eager to finish what the apocalypse started and learn to see the lie behind even the friendliest smiles.

Forced together by the apocalypse, the crew will traverse the burnt-out landscapes and ravaged cities of the dead Earth, having weird encounters with other survivors as they look for seeds of civilization left among the ashes. But is there even a civilization out there worth finding anymore, or is the crew just marking moments until their own demise?

Doomsday.1 is a thrilling series that throws a group of well-rounded, complex characters into the horrors of a dead Earth. Like the Walking Dead, it combines psychological drama with all-out action as people fight for their lives against monsters—the only difference is these monsters know exactly what they’re doing! How far will the ISS crew go to survive? And once they find that limit, will they even have any humanity left?