Done To Death


The adventures of serial killer duo made up of an editor who hunts down anyone audacious enough to fill her in-box with shoddy vampire manuscripts and a melancholy vampire bent on slaughtering writers who misrepresent his species.


Written by Andrew Foley. Art by Fiona Staples.

Creatures of the night. Misunderstood villains with fangs. Sparkling bloodsuckers that never sleep. They are vampires. They are death. And let’s face it—they’ve been Done to Death.

Shannon Wade is completely done with with blood suckers and fangs. You see, she’s the editor who made Shelley DeMornay into a household name bigger than Anne Rice, and for that, she pays the price of sifting through the submission slush pile riddled with derivative vampire novels. For most, she sends a standard rejection letter. But for the few that are so horrible, so godforsakenly awful, she has a special, personalized rejection – a home visit that ends with wooden stake to the heart. As a trophy for ridding the world of such terrible authors, our unsung heroine collects their fake vampire teeth and strings them on a necklace. After leaving a string of bodies, is it any wonder the police have dubbed her crimes “The Helsing Murders?”

Andy is equally fed up with the vampire fandom and disperses his own brand of displeasure. But unlike Shannon who ironically uses vampire lore, he uses the real deal: his fangs from his vampire mouths (yes, you read right, mouths). His target is Shelley DeMornay’s legacy—the same legacy that gave him the drive and determination to become a vampire himself. But unlike her books, the vampire life is anything but mysterious and romantic. And he’s out to make her pay for dishonesty.

It all comes to a head when Shannon’s publisher forces her to attend Shelley’s house party. Shelley is desperate to have Shannon back as her editor, as she struggles to write the twelfth book of her contract. Shannon refuses and takes her anger out on Shelley’s fanboy and party attender, Edwin Thomas, leaving him passed out in a pile of blood. But while Edwin and Shelley are distracted in their own irrational vampire emotions, a mysterious stranger – Andy – slips into Shelley’s room. Andy is intent on finally killing Shelley and ending her reign of illogical terror on vampire life, but before he goes in for the kill, Shelley turns on the charm—promising him that her next novel will be about his true story, if he lets her live.

Now, Andy must decide if having his vampire life romanticized by the likes of Shelley DeMornay is worth giving up on his life mission of exacting a bloody revenge. While Shannon’s cover is blown, she must decide to give into Edwin’s blackmail and publish his treackly fan fic vampire novel or he will go to the police. Our star crossed vampire crusaders paths will cross again as their life purposes collide to answer one simple question: Does the world really need another vampire book?

Hint: The answer is yes, if it’s as awesome as Done to Death written by Andrew Foley (Cowboys & Aliens) and drawn by Fiona Staples (Saga).