Doc Macabre


Written by Steve Niles. Art by Bernie Wrightson.

Horror dream team author Steve Niles and the late Bernie Wrightson join forces on Doc Macabre, the third story of their multiverse Monstrous Trilogy, about a teenage genius who happens to be a monster hunter.

Doc Macabre is used to people not liking him. When most kids his age were in elementary school, he enrolled at MIT and graduated top of his class. Neither the peers of his age group or his classmates accepted him. Rather than let it get him down, Doc Macabre focused his profound intelligence on the one thing he always wanted to be when he grew up: a monster hunter.

Now just a touch older and a bunch wiser, this baby-faced, blue-eyed kid infiltrates zombie infested yards and poltergeist-ridden homes with nothing more than a handful of gadgets and a snarky determination to win. Occasional help comes from his best friend Lloyd (a robotic assistant) and his associates Coogan (an undead private investigator) and the Ghoul (a monstrous former FBI agent.) All it takes is one phone call and the Doc will be at your doorstep to rid your supernatural pests… And don’t worry about payment—he accepts cash or credit.

Doc Macabre’s latest job involves the haunting of an extremely angry, extremely old, and extremely naked ghost (not even tighty whities, folks.) The Doc labels the case an outlier; until he realizes this type of haunting is happening all over town. To track down the culprit behind this strange phenomenon, Doc Macabre enlists the help of Lloyd, Coogan, and the Ghoul to find the true source of this evil.

Armed with his homemade inventions (which he won’t patent, thank you very much), he’ll fight off his clients’ malevolent spirits with everything in his arsenal. And if this kid doesn’t look like much to you, he won’t care how you judge him. For if there’s one thing he’s learned, it’s that people always underestimate him.