Diablo House


In the sleepy coastal town of La Jolla, Diablo House lets you make your dreams come true – if you dare. Host Riley, takes us into his home and shares the stories of the people who let their desire come at the cost of all else.


Created by Ted Adams.

Black Mirror meets Tales from the Crypt in Diablo House, a horror series inspired by the classic horror comics of the 1970s created. Achieving one’s dream is hard work that requires years of effort, but for those who choose to take it, there’s a shortcut to success and luxuries greater than anything they’ve ever imagined. But everything has its price, and those who take the shortcut will discover the true cost of cutting corners inside the dark and twisted hallways of Diablo House.

Diablo House is a tourist attraction looming at 666 Prospect Street in downtown La Jolla, California, a wealthy city north of San Diego. A looming mansion that’s a blend of classical Spanish architecture and its builder’s own devious imagination, Diablo House thrills people from all walks of life with its darkened hallways, macabre shows, and amazing rooms. But down in the basement of Diablo House is a room where only a few people go, one better than all the rest. The price of admission is high, but behind its doors is everything you’ve ever wanted.

Housemaster Riley, a sun-kissed surf bum hiding a dark truth behind his eyes, runs Diablo House, and he will be your sardonic guide through its shifting halls, narrating different tales of people undone by their own devious desires with a sharp tongue and his own brand of pitch black humor. A mid-level restaurant executive who dreams of one day having enough money for the finer things will watch his life fall apart as his greed taints everything and everyone in his wake. A would-be pinball hero wants the charisma to land a hot girlfriend, only to begin gathering animals and building his own ark after realizing that starting a religion is where the real rewards are. A street racer looks for a quicker way to cross the finish line, only to realize that his opponents are the least of his worries on the road. All of these people will bring their deepest desires to life inside the walls of Diablo House. But as their lives begin to fall apart, do they only have themselves to blame, or are there darker forces at work?

Diablo House is an exploration of lust, greed, and how far many will go to get the things that they desire. An eerie, slow-burning character study punctuated with explosions of horror, Diablo House is also a morality tale about the siren call of our society’s darker impulses. Do you dare walk the hallways of Diablo House?