Desperadoes: Buffalo Dreams


Written by Jeff Mariotte. Art by Alberto Dose.

A perfect fusion of fantasy, horror, and western action, Desperadoes: Buffalo Dreams: is an epic tale about a ragtag group of cowboys who survive the present by revenging bad memories of the past.

Former Texas Ranger Gideon “Gid” Brood roams the 1880’s lawless Midwest, trying to erase the memory of his murdered wife and son by doing as much good as he can. Driven together by unfortunate circumstances, Gid rolls with a crew. His posse includes Jerome, a former slave and buffalo solider he saved from a lynching; Abby, a schoolteacher turned prostitute, who is aided by the spirits of the Apache; former thief Clay, and Maria a waitress who fell in love with Jerome several towns back. They’ve all got pasts they wish didn’t exist, but damn it if they won’t try to make things right.

In the tumbleweed town of Lordsburg, New Mexico, ex-thief Clay recognizes the town Sheriff is really the outlaw Johnny Fish, wanted for murder in Colorado. But before Clay can bring Fish to justice, the Sheriff has him locked up. Rather than start a fight in a town they don’t belong in, Gid and his crew leave, convinced Clay will wrangle himself out of the predicament on his own.

Meanwhile, Abby has visions of Apache spirits that tell her to lead the group out of Lordsburg, to the mesas and canyons where the Buffalo used to roam. Along the way, the spirit of Apache chief Geronimo pleads with Gid and team to save the endangered buffalo for the sake of his tribe. But before they set off to the Dakota territories on their Buffalo saving mission, Gid and team head back to town for some unfinished business. They bust Clay out of jail and throw Sheriff Sammon in a cell.

But iron bars aren’t enough to keep Johnny Fish locked up.

On the long ride to the Dakotas, the group crosses paths with Rosebud Frank Denby—a sadistic version of Buffalo Bill who has a thing against Jerome and Maria’s skin color. The group’s mission becomes a brutal mix of fighting off Rosebud’s gang, staying out of Johnny Fish’s sights, all the while finding a way to save the buffalo.

Trouble always seems to find Gid’s gang, and destruction and heartbreak always seem to join in. But Gid and his riders aren’t the type of people to run away from problems. They’re the type to see things made right.

No matter whose life it may end up costing.

Join this Wild West crew of vigilantes on the epic adventure of a lifetime, fighting evil, restoring justice, and setting the world right, together.