Death Ship


Created by Gary Gerani. Art by Stuart Sayger.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula tells the dark story of the original vampire’s move from Transylvania to England, but one part of his journey was left cloaked in mystery – until now. Dracula meets Alien aboard a ship at sea, as a broken Captain and his small crew sails around Europe with some very strange cargo.

Haunted by the loss of his wife and child, the Captain of the Demeter is fiercely protective of his loyal crew and wary of the dangers of life at sea. But something sinister is lurking in the hold, and it comes out at night to play a cat and mouse game with the crew – one by one they start to disappear as a violent storm batters the ship.

As tension mounts, a sense of creeping dread seeps through the dark hallways and claustrophobic spaces of the inescapable vessel, creating a haunting paranoia that threatens each crew members sanity first and their lives second. The thing hunting the crew isn’t just a bloodthirsty creature—it has psychic powers that allow it to exploit their worst nightmares. One by one, the crew is plagued by visions of their fears and failings, eventually succumbing to the gnashing fangs of the monster known as Dracula.

With each sailor dropping around him, the Captain resolves to stop the beast from reaching shore and spreading its undead curse. But to fight this monster, he’ll have to reconnect with the faith he abandoned when he lost his family. As he grips to the convictions that once betrayed him, he discovers how difficult it is to win a battle of wills against an opponent that knows your nightmares more intimately than you do.

Death Ship blends atmosphere, suspense and scares in a perfect storm of macabre horror and tense drama. Each running from something in their past, the members of the Demeter’s crew are forced to confront their fears and doubts in an unfair fight that tests the limits of human resolve against the unlimited savagery of an evil that lurks in all our shadows.