Dead, She Said


Created by Steve Niles and Bernie Wrightson.

The noir suspense of Memento meets the monster thrills of Creepshow in Dead, She Said, Steve Niles and the late, great Bernie Wrightson’s pulp-horror twist on the classic detective story.

Private Investigator Joe Coogan awakens with a gunshot wound to the gut and a touch of rigor mortis, but he has no memory of who killed him. Shaking off the shock—but not the odor—of his posthumous state, Coogan tapes himself together and vows to find the person responsible. His investigative instincts kick in, and he follows his leads down a dark path that leads back to his last case.

It seems the ordinary guy whose wife thought he was having an affair was into much more nefarious things, and Coogan got mixed up in a scheme a lot uglier than the everyday scams and grift – a scheme that will show him what monsters really look like.

But Coogan is fighting more than just a force of evil. He’s struggling not to lose his humanity (or his sense of humor) in the process. With a little help from a sympathetic mortician and some formaldehyde, he sets out to crack the biggest case of his life and death—before he literally falls apart.

Taking on mutant beasts and mad scientists of classic creature features, Coogan plants himself firmly in the dark world of Niles and Wrightson’s MONSTROUS trilogy, a horror multiverse that weaves together our hero Coogan with The Ghoul and Doc Macabre. Together they’re the last line of defense against the ghosts and demons that lurk in the shadows.

Intense, fast-paced, and darkly funny, Dead, She Said follows a tragic yet still wise-cracking hero on a journey to solve his own murder. It’s a gritty thrill ride through the best of film noir and contemporary horror, all with a wink and a smile – because sometimes it takes a monster to catch a monster.