Darlings of America


Created by Neil Kleid and Dan Taylor.

With style, wit, and attitude to spare, Darlings of America goes behind the scenes of celebrity culture, into the world on the other side of the paparazzi cameras, tabloid headlines, Instagram filters, and carefully timed tweets. It’s Scandal meets Gossip Girl in Hollywood—a sexy, scintillating drama that looks through the thin veneer of glitz and glamour and reveals the darker story underneath.

Publicist to the stars, Naomi DeGeorge, had made a career of getting her famous clients exposure—by any means necessary. Gossip, wild parties and sex tapes are all fodder for the media machine, and Naomi expertly uses them to her advantage.

But things go sideways when a rival publicist’s celebutante ends up dead under mysterious circumstances, sending shockwaves through the Hollywood Hills. As three of Naomi’s top clients mourn their deceased friend, she goes about business as usual, making sure they create the kind of grief spectacle worthy of the cover of Us Weekly.

Soon the pursuit of screen time and press coverage exposes details of a dark secret, and what was considered an accidental death begins to look a lot more like murder. With her clients now getting more attention from the LAPD than the Style section, Naomi must juggle keeping them in the spotlight with keeping them out of jail.

A scathing take on our obsession with celebrity and the industry it’s created, Darlings of America explores the humor and humanity as well as the pathos and psychodrama of tabloid culture. This clever satire asks just how far we’re willing to go in pursuit of the perfect life, career, or selfie—and whether reality can ever live up to those expectations.