D’Airain Aventure


Created by Chris Ryall, T.P. Louise, and Ashley Wood.

Join groundbreaking writer/artist team T.P. Louise and Ashley Wood as they present D’Airain, an adventure series featuring Les Mort 13 and a rotating cast of characters that promises to be one of the most unique tales ever told!

Day of the Lords – Night after night, Jon Sagan kills himself onstage under the name Les Mort 13. Is he a devil? A god? No one knows the truth. Now he’s come to a small, cursed town—a town as empty as he is—looking for revenge. But as he’ll soon discover, beating death is easy. Beating life is the tough gig.

Black Magick – For years, the lot at the end of the cul-de-sac remained empty. And then—suddenly, instantly—it wasn’t.

Ken lives a quiet, uneventful life, on a quiet, uneventful street, in a quiet, uneventful neighborhood. Things move slowly in the suburbs, which is just how Ken likes it. He spends his days in downtown Los Angeles, protecting and serving the people. His weekends? He wants those to be quiet. And uneventful.

In all likelihood, Ken would never have noticed the strange new house on the block if his dog hadn’t started barking and growling at the same time while in front of it. Ken never noticed construction starting. Didn’t even know the lot had been sold. Then again, Ken pays as little attention to his neighbors as possible. Ah, well. Long as the new neighbors keep to themselves, there’ll be no problem. Long as everything stays quiet. Of course, the thing about quiet is that it never lasts long enough.

Robots vs. Zombies – Zombies—braindead automatons and rotting reminders of man’s hubris! Robots—brainless automatons and constructed remainders of man’s potential!

In an underground munitions storage complex in New Mexico, three scientists have built a trans-dimensional gateway. On the other side is the future, the past, and, hopefully, humanity’s salvation.

Meet Herbert Throckmorton—schooled at Yale, but educated on the streets. With him is Fritz Winterbottom—educated wherever would give him a scholarship. And then there’s Phillippe Satterfield. Studied at the Sorbonne. Better and smarter than the other two—just ask him. (He feels contempt for you, too.)

Naturally, Phillippe is the first to travel through the gateway. But when he returns as a quivering mass of jelly, Fritz decides to go through himself—to dispose of the remains. Wearing a billion-dollar exo-suit to ensure he doesn’t meet the same grisly fate as Phillippe, Fritz steps through the portal and finds himself in a completely foreign and potentially hostile world.

A team of scientists. A trans-dimensional gateway. What could possibly go wrong?