Crawl To Me


Created by Alan Robert.

Ryan arrives first to their new home, accompanied only by his dog Max. He’s promised his wife Jessica that everything will be ready when she drives up with their baby. As Ryan waits outside for the movers, something horrible happens next door. Police have surrounded his neighbor’s home, which explodes into a shoot out with the owner: a registered sex offender named Edgar. When the shouting and shooting stops, Ryan creeps over to try to help, certain he’ll find everyone dead. A bloody hand grabs his pant leg and he shrieks in terror as Edgar looks up and snarls, “Oh Ryan, I know you… in ways you never dreamed.” Ryan insists he has no idea what Edgar is talking about. But then Edgar points to his belt buckle, featuring Mr. Clowny and says, “Maybe this will bring back some fun memories for ya.”

And Ryan’s mind breaks.

Ryan runs back to his house, clearly this move was not simply motivated by martial bliss and market timing, but something much darker—a wound that Ryan has yet to heal. He calls his wife, gasping, “It’s happening again.” Jessica calms him down, reminding him that he’s hallucinating and he needs his medication. With shaking hands, he pulls the pill bottle from his pocket, only to end the call abruptly when he reads the pharmacy label inscription: Do not trust her.

By the time Jessica arrives, Ryan is well on his way to losing it. He claims the house has stolen their dog and that she is to stay away from the basement. At first, Jessica writes it all off as crazy talk. But as she opens moving boxes, something in her gleaming scissor’s reflection catches her eye. It’s a man with a clown belt buckle, calling her Jessica Rabbit, and asking her if she remembers “good ol’ Uncle Edgar.”

And then, Jessica’s mind breaks.

Ryan finds his wife surrounded by chunks of her hair, ready to stab their baby. When he stops her, she slashes his face. Now, Ryan must take on the mantle of strength, as Jessica mumbles on about little rabbits and Edgar’s laughing face. But a broken mind can only do so much. And when the house becomes overrun with rats, blood, and fiery visions of Edgar, he turns to the center of his nightmares for answers: the crawl space in their basement. First, it takes the dog Max, and then Jessica and the baby to save his family. Finally, Ryan must crawl into the madness as well to find the truth, even if the truth ends up being something more horrific than the nightmares in his head.