Created by Emma Caulfield and Camilla Outzen Rantsen. Art by Christian Meesey.

Every night when her owner goes to sleep, Contropussy hits the streets with a pink beret on her head and a cigarette in her paw. For her, being a “bad kitty” is a way of life. She’ll have quickies in the alley when the mood strikes her. Hell, she’ll even bet on the likelihood of a skunk crossing the street without dying. She’s a cat with a purpose—and that purpose is to live the life of one hot pussy.

But this controversial cat has a softer side and its not just her fur. Her owner is a bit of a bubblegum princess, so Contropussy wears pink leather bondage to go on walks with her. She cries over her cheating ex-boyfriend Double O (a Chinese Hairless dog) when she smells his scent on a dancer’s belt in a club – assuming he’s been sacrificed to the world of fashion. Will she win him back by verbally assaulting him when she finds him alive, drunk, and trying to have sex with a raccoon? Probably not. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t care.

And then there’s Maxine, her feline friend constantly souped up on the Nip. With Maxine’s extreme devotion to free food, this drugged kitty often finds herself in questionable and illegal situations. The latest mistake in Maxine’s long list occurs when Evil Rabbit tempts Maxine with a delicious buffet, only to then kidnap her for his illegal pet brothel.

Would it be easier for Contropussy to dump this friend who clearly has no self-preservation? Yes. But Contropussy has layers, damn it, and those layers involve doing everything she can to save Maxine, including infiltrating the pet brothel with a legion of muscle-thick squirrels, dogs, and tigers to save her. And if she just so happens to score a lucky rabbit’s foot out of the escapade, so be it.

From Emma Caulfield (Buffy) and co-writer Camilla Rantsen, comes Contropussy, a story about a cat with a major itch to scratch. By day she is a mild mannered feline, but at night she comes alive, adventuring in the city, recruited into special ops missions, kidnapped in Dubai, and becoming an unwitting pawn in political schemes. Sex in the City with a real cat-eye, Contropussy satirizes female relationships and stereotypes with a snarl and a hiss … and a lot of meows.