Cold War: The Michael Swann Dossier


Created by John Byrne.

It’s as if James Bond has gone off the grid in Cold War: The Michael Swann Dossier created by Eisner Award Winner John Byrne. MI6 agent Michael Swann swoons the ladies, drives fast cars, and protects England from the KGB that is until he ups sticks and became Ex-MI6 .

It’s been two years since Michael Swann quit MI6—not for any love lost for the Queen and Ol’ Blighty, but for his unwillingness to be subordinate to an incompetent superior. As a result, he’s been labeled a loose cannon, but there are many who value and miss Swann’s ability to get shit done. His reputation and freelance status has earned him several plum contracts from his former colleagues usually for tasks a bit too messy for Her Majesty to be involved with – the latest is to watch over rocket scientist Rupert Kemp, who intelligence believes is planning his defection to the Soviet Union in an effort to help expand their nuclear weapons program.

Undercover at the rocket research facility, Swann is introduced as the new private security person. He meets Professor Kemp and his daughter Doctor Twine. Kemp’s daughter is less than impressed with the charming, alpha male Swann, but her father and other workers delight in his company. They even invite Swann to participate in a friendly car race… its hard to resist as Swann does have a hell of a sports car. Unbeknownst to nearly everyone, the race is actually a nefarious set up, an assassin takes out one of the drivers, replaces him, and goes after Swann.

Realizing that the mission is compromised, Swann initiates the immediate extraction of Professor Kemp and his daughter. But when Swann arrives at Professor Kemp’s home, he finds only a note with coordinates and a time. After some deciphering, Swann figures out it’s a call for help but not knowing who the mole is, Swann must think fast and come up with a new plan.

Taking a huge gamble, Swann shows up at the extraction point, claiming he too wants to defect to the Soviet Union. Under this successful rouse, Swann learns quickly that Professor Kemp doesn’t want to defect at all—it’s his daughter that does. The professor agreed to go along knowing that England would pull out all the stops to save him, but not his daughter.

They’re too deep into enemy territory to call MI6 and it’s be up to Michael Swann to protect the England’s assets, prevent nuclear proliferation and to help a father save his daughter – a daughter that so far doesn’t want any saving. When the allure of power overtakes the pull of loyalty, only a man who rejects both in favor of integrity can save the day.