Classics Mutilated


Created by Various Authors.

In the irreverently fun vein of Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter comes a delightfully twisted anthology series with demented new takes on the classic fairy tales we all know and love from childhood. Step into the sideways world of Classics Mutilated, where familiar characters are thrown into new situations both macabre and darkly hilarious. Featuring fantastical settings and amazing updates which play off the many quirks of our modern world, Ain’t It Cool News says “Each and every story in this one will fascinate you at the seamless coupling of classic stories and the horror genre.”


The Fairest of them All

A group of seven squat, hideous cave monsters discover a cursed mirror in the twisted tunnels of their diamond mines and bring it back to Snow White, a young princess who is hiding from her homicidal stepmother in their cave. What they don’t know, however, is that the mirror is a secret portal to Wonderland, where an ageless and vicious Alice has been trapped for over a hundred years, and Snow White could just be the person she needs to escape her mystic prison.


Anne-droid of Green Gables

A man purchases an android to help him on his farm, only to discover that she believes herself to be a real little girl. But as she adjusts to her new life in Greene Gables, a misunderstanding will also reveal to her what she actually is.


Twilight of the Gods

An over-analytical teen Loki is sent to a study abroad in the freezing fields of Jotunheim High School because his father Odin thinks he has a bad attitude. Expecting to hate everything, Loki actually becomes smitten with a fellow student, but her dark secret might just end up unleashing Ragnarok before he can ask her to prom.


From Hell’s Heart

A trapper who’s been bitten by a mysterious creature while hunting deep in the Canadian tundra meets a mysterious man who call himself Ahab and has graduated from hunting whales to hunting Wendigos.


These stories and more make up this dark world of fantasy and horror, where nothing is as it seems, and everything is more connected than anybody knew. As these characters move through this twisted landscape of fantasy, science fiction, and horror, their paths will cross in intriguing and surprising ways. Along the way, they’ll have to learn who they can trust, and who might be a secret enemy, biding their time until the perfect moment to strike.

Putting classic children’s characters with well-known moral messages in new and shocking circumstances in order to reexamine them in a new light, Classics Mutilated is filled with surprising twists, black humor, and a whole lot of fun.