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Created by Pluttark.

What is Nicolas Cage’s real name? Whatever happened to the treasure map from The Goonies? Which actors were rejected for the role of James Bond–and which actors turned down the role when it was offered to them?

Half the fun of watching a great (and sometimes not-so-great) movie is knowing that there are a thousand little things that happened to make it what it is. And someone has to document those facts–especially when so much time has been spent on truly terrible films. Cinegeek does just that, giving more information about these films than anyone could possibly retain.

There have been seven versions of the Batman costume since 1943. Robert Deniro has died 14 different ways in his films. Can you name the murderers in nine different slasher films? How about the many evil extraterrestrials–from Star Wars to Little Shop of Horrors? Challenge yourself on trivia questions that it may never have occurred to others to consider!

There are thousands of movies that have never seen the light of day–and others that could have been very different. Imagine the bloodshed and dancing to ‘60s music in Jaws, had Quentin Tarantino directed it. And the great movies that could have been–Bruce Lee fighting Nazis or a film about Napoleon directed by Stanley Kubrick with Jack Nicholson in the title role–or even the scrapped version of Pippi Longstocking–almost directed by a not-yet-famous Japanese animator named Hayao Miyazaki.

Who has had the most successful career–Ben Stiller or Will Ferrell–and what measurements are used to decide it? How different–or similar– are the films of the Wachowski Sisters and the Coen Brothers? Why does it seem like the people who wrote Obi-Wan’s dialogue in the Star Wars prequels never actually saw the original trilogy?

Pluttark answers many questions, poses many more, and considers the ways that movies come together–how the touch of a writer or director or actor can turn a film into a classic or a flop. Funny and informative, Cinegeek is a love letter to film, to the questions the medium poses and the answers it gives–and all of the magic that can be seen on the big screen.