Children of the Grave


Written by Tom Waltz. Art by Casey Maloney.

High in rocky foreign terrain, U.S. Special Forces “Team Orphan” has been assigned to confirm evidence of ethnic cleansing by locating the burial site of hundreds of brutally murdered Kilipanese children. But, they arrive to find the site ravaged and empty. If the Children of the Grave are no longer underground, where have they gone? And for what reason?

From the acclaimed team of Tom Waltz and Casey Maloney comes this horrific new graphic novel, which pits a close knit U.S. Special Forces team against the most profound atrocities of war.

After reporting the empty gravesite, Lt. Michael Drake receives further intelligence: Colonel Akbar Assan, a popular local war hero, is the prime suspect of the genocide. Their new order? To assassinate Colonel Akbar Assan.

With a looming peace accord threatening to end their civil war, Assan went rogue from the Stinwanese Army, viewing the stalemate as defeat. His most loyal soldiers followed him and are now known as the “Desert Jackals,” having battled United Nation peacekeepers on one front while maintaining a vicious onslaught against the outgunned Kilipanese on another.

No atrocity of his was more dreadful than his declaration that all Kilipanese children were to be executed in an attempt to destroy any future opposing combatants. Having carried out this war crime, he is now a wanted man.

But it’s not only Team Orphan who is pursuing Assan, the children’s spirits have returned. And they won’t be going quietly back to their graves.

The spirit children begin to infiltrate the dreams of Team Orphan, urging ceasefire – while simultaneously goading Assan to continue his genocide. The battlegrounds take a more eerie turn when the dead children begin appearing in real-life. By occupation and circumstance, Team Orphan finds themselves caught in the middle of this bloody revenge tale, fighting a war that was never theirs to begin with.