Brutal Nature


Written by Luciano Saracino. Art by Ariel Olivetti.

From Luciano Saracino and Ariel Olivetti comes Brutal Nature, a bloody, richly woven historical saga about indigenous heroes warring with conquistadors that ponders what makes a beast and what makes a man and are they really all that different?

In 16th century Colombia, Ich, a young warrior, is determined to save his people from Spanish invaders…even at the cost of his own life. A collection of masks transforms the young man into innumerable different beasts and monsters. Using this ancient power, he embarks on a battle that pits the indigenous people of Colombia against the encroaching Spanish empire. But can one man hope to beat back the massive forces of the conquering Spaniards?

The God-fearing Spaniards are convinced that the Devil must be haunting the jungles. They sense that the land is feral, filled with ancient secrets. But they refuse to leave. There’s too much at stake. The New World is a bountiful paradise, and the invaders will stop at nothing until the land is theirs. After all, to the victor go the spoils. They summon an inquisitor Sebastian de Loup to join in the crusade against this mysterious enemy.

Sebastian, however, is not your typical “holy soldier.” In fact, he’s evil incarnate. He takes pleasure in torturing heretics, he speaks with animals, and his eyes glow red in the dark. He sails to the New World and sets his sights on tracking and killing Ich. With his canny instincts, Sebastian knows that Ich is no demon, but a hotheaded boy. Perversely delighted by this revelation, Sebastian sets a trap for Ich, setting in motion a battle between good and evil. To defeat Sebastian and his monstrous plan, Ich must toss aside his integrity and become a monster himself.

Lush, action-packed, and epic in scale, Brutal Nature is a story of perseverance in the face of imminent defeat. Ich knows in his heart that the invaders, aided by Sebastian, will conquer and destroy his people. Clinging to a glimmer of hope, he resolves to see his mission through to the end. He’d rather die fighting than succumb to darkness. It’s the only path he knows.