Brooklyn Animal Control


Written by J.T. Petty. Art by Stephen Thompson.

The Sopranos if they happened to be a family of shape shifting werewolves. Packed with twisting plots, bloody bar fights, and organized crime, this abnormal mob drama from the mind of J.T. Petty (The Burrowers, Outlast) will have you clawing through to the last page.

Middle-aged John Crean is a dogcatcher — at least that’s what he tells people, including Finbar, his slacker son who still lives at home. But in reality, John is one of the select few who serves in a secret subdivision of the NYPD that functions as social services for the city’s most unique residents — werewolves. And in these tension filled times, the Brooklyn Animal Control might be the only thing keeping an ever-growing family of werewolves from tearing the city apart.

John and his street-hardened Nigerian partner, Tope Okoye, race through the dark streets of Brooklyn to their first call of the night: a cornered, bloody werewolf has been quarantined in the backroom of a local hospital. After tracking, cornering, and tranquilizing the beast, the wolf transforms into it’s human form: Vilhelmina Tolk, the matriarch of the Brooklyn Kveld-Ulf, an entitled, crime-riddled family which has dominated and prowled through Brooklyn for centuries.

While Vilhelmina, the den mother of the Kveld-Ulf gang, lays strung up in a hospital bed, a family battle for control consumes the rest of the pack. With no clear leadership succession plan, the wolves descend into a power struggle that threatens to spill over into the streets. The B.A.C. must act fast to tame these beasts once and for all in this twisted tale of corruption and blood.

For the good of the people, John Crean and the B.A.C. do their jobs intimately and shrouded in secrecy. But, when Finbar stumbles upon his bloodied and frightened father in an alley one night, suddenly the Kveld-Ulf pack are not the only ones vulnerable.

As the damp streets of Brooklyn begin to reach a boiling point, it becomes impossible to hide a wolf amongst the sheep in Brooklyn Animal Control. With mortality and family legacy at stake, everyone must ask themselves, whose pack are you in – man, beast or both?