Book of Extreme Facts


Written by Matt Forbeck and Kris Oprisko.

It’s the Guinness Book Of World Records amped up to eleven in Book of Extreme Facts, a collection of the wildest stunts, craziest world records, and most mind-boggling true-life facts. This collection of fascinating trivia ranges from science and technology, to sports and nature to everything in between.

For example; did you know that a real-life Cupid exists out in nature? The Green And Yellow Slug of Borneo shoots and injects hormone-infused projectiles into potential mates, hoping to catch their attention during mating season!

Speaking of nature; ever heard of La Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean? It currently holds the record for the heaviest amount of rainfall in a 24 hour period. In 1980, a storm dropped 6 feet of rain on the island within one day – that’s a lot of water!

No amount of water is too much for surfer Ken Bradshaw, who in 2008 set the world’s record for the largest wave ever surfed, clocking in at an impressive 77 feet tall!

Since we are on the subject of tall, prepare to have your mind blown when you learn that the tallest structure in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, stands at 2,625 feet tall. That’s just short of a half a mile!

These mind-blowing facts are just a sample of what’s contained in the Book of Extreme Facts.   However, this isn’t just your ordinary fact and record book. What makes EF so unique is that readers are encouraged to set their own world records or share some of their personal favorite crazy facts via the Extreme Facts website, and a number of those submissions end up being published!

New York Times Best Selling Author Matt Forbeck delivers a collection of fun and fascinating facts full of colorful photos and unbelievable stories. The Book of Extreme Facts is trivia taken to an extreme.