Blood Stained Sword


Written by Dan Wickline. Art by Ben Templesmith.

In a grim future drunk on technology, the ways of the past have almost been forgotten. But Kenji, trained as a Samurai and sworn to uphold the code of the warrior, keeps the memory of the past alive. In a world where corporations have replaced clans and greed has won out over honor, Kenji faces his greatest challenge yet, searching for the truth behind his father’s death and bringing down the men responsible. Blood Stained Sword, from Dan Wickline and NYT’s bestseller Ben Templesmith, is a detective story that pits corporate greed and the consuming forces of wealth accumulation against the fundamental pillars of the human spirit, honor and family.

Matsushita Kenji has been brought up on the Bushido code — the samurai way of honor and justice. His father was a top executive at Horigome Enterprises in Seattle, an elite and lucrative information broker, until he committed suicide via seppuku (a death ritual of self inflicted disembowelment) to cleanse the shame of an embezzlement scandal.

Unwilling to believe the explanation of his father’s death, Kenji takes the next flight to Seattle to search for the truth. Horigome Enterprises sends his late father’s secretary, Andrea Ryan to greet him at the airport. As Kenji’s guide and driver, Andrea is just glad to have a break from filing and typing, but when Kenji insists on meeting with the police before seeing the head of Horigome Enterprises, she is quickly pulled into a world of double-crosses and intrigue. When the holes in the official story grow too large to ignore, both Kenji and Andrea realize that that Kenji’s father is being used as a scapegoat. Together they break into the Horigome offices, hoping to find evidence that will lead them to the truth.

As their investigation gets too close to the real culprits, assassins are sent to silence them, one way or another. When the killers fail, police in Horigome’s pocket come after them as well. Kenji and Andrea fight for their lives as they confront assassins, corruption, and greed on their fight to uncover the truth.

Blood Stained Sword is a grim and bloody tale of honor in a world gone bad – a vision of an all too plausible future, where corrupt corporations with too much power own the police and profit matters more than the common good, but the human drive for justice is an impossible flame to extinguish.