Black Heart Billy


Created by Rick Remender, Kieron Dwyer, and Harper Jaten.

Rick Remender (Tokyo Ghost), Kieron Dwyer (Remains), and Harper Jaten (Strange Girl, Remains) join forces to bring us Black Heart Billy: an anarchist skateboarding punk with a robot head whose hatred of hippies lands him in the middle a secret Nazi plot to take over the world! Billy does the only sensible thing and sets out to punch some fascists.

Meet Billy Black aka Black Heart Billy, an 80s hardcore scene refugee who’s having trouble acclimating to modern life, he’s your average 20-something skatepunk but…with a robot head. For Billy life is about just trying to have a good time and pay the rent in San Francisco without being harassed by hippies and dotcommies.

When a hippie throws out a homophobic slur at Billy on the street, he sets out on a hippie-stomping rampage. To really prove his point, he desecrates the grave of hippie idol Jerry Garcia and digs up his skull, which he uses to bludgeon the Burning Man to death. His grave-robbing stunt lands him crosshairs of some undercover Nazi scientists who plan to use Garcia’s head as the vessel for Hitler’s soul and install it in a robot – a robot that will turn the world into mindless, deadhead zombies.

When the Nazis finish their zombie-Hitler-Garcia-bot, they test it out on Billy – their official first guinea pig and it works! But when Billy sees a flyer for a music festival starring all the artists he detests, he instantly snaps out of the Nazi hippie haze. But now, Billy is the last hope to save the world from the Fourth Reich.

The adventure that follows is a boss bowl of high-octane super-crunch as Billy fights the evil Garcia/Hitler robot, Deadhead! Can Billy, our rebel without a clue, save the world from free love and never-ending jams?

Deadpool with heaping tablespoon of punk rock, Billy Black Heart has a disdain for almost everything and a (mostly) intact fourth wall. When something offends his anarchic sensibilities, his apathy gives way – usually to his fists.