Bigger Bang


Written by D.J. Kirk bride. Art by Vassals Gogtzilas.

The first Big Bang is largely credited with creating life, but the second Big Bang destroyed everyone and everything in the universe–from the smallest microorganisms to the most advanced of civilizations. Out of this destruction was born a single being: Cosmos, the most powerful man in the known universes–and consequently the most feared. With his own universe destroyed by the event that lead to his birth, Cosmos ventures into neighboring universes, wandering amongst the stars and saving lives wherever he can to soothe the guilt of the lives destroyed by the second Big Bang.

His exploits soon land on the radar screen of King Thulu, a squid-like creature who uses his massive size and murderous tendencies to control his subjects. Those who live in Thulu’s domain must agree with him in all things and obey all orders. Those who resist are put to death. When Cosmos unknowingly thwarts his attempt to destroy a planet of dissenters, Thulu orders his Elimination Squad to kill the interloper. The Squad’s Captain Wyan, however, sees kindness in Cosmos, even though she has never known it herself. Intrigued by the power of a generous spirit, she convinces Thulu that Cosmos would serve much better as a weapon in his arsenal.

Thulu sends Wyan to capture Cosmos from his sanctuary on a lush, green planet. With further exposure to Cosmos, Wyan discovers a man who doesn’t seem to fit the nickname he has been given–The Destroyer–but instead someone soft-spoken and uninterested in exerting his limitless power over others. Cosmos, intrigued by the fearlessness of a person who sees past the way he was born, agrees to return with her to Thulu’s spaceship. Thulu greets him as a hero and insists his subjects hail him as the protector of their domain. When Cosmos realizes the price of Thulu’s acceptance and that his subjects have no free will, he despairs. To make matters worse, the planets he has saved from Thulu’s wrath have been destroyed by a second wave of attacks on the king’s orders, and Cosmos was too busy being admired to save them. To add insult to injury, Wyan–the one who was kind to him, who treated him as a person and not a threat–led her Elimination Squad to do the job. Betrayed and humiliated, Cosmos —is consumed by an unprecedented rage at Thulu, but will he be able to still see redemption for all as he seeks to destroy Thulu and his treacherous soldiers?

Will he live up to the name he has never wanted–The Destroyer–as it seems everyone wants him to? Or will he decide on a different path, one in which he creates life instead of bringing death–even if everybody he has saved will only ever fear him?