Behind You


Behind You is an ongoing look at the very common fear that someone is lurking just out of your field of vision—perhaps prepping to do something not very nice. Equal parts funny, whimsical, and absolutely terrifying. – io9


Created by Brian Coldrick.

There’s always somebody just outside of your field of vision, following you, watching you, making the hair stand up on the back of your neck–but when you turn around… nothing is there. Brian Coldrick’s Behind You collects all the little moments when something makes your hair stand on end–and shows you the monsters that linger in the shadows. These short tales end as they begin–with danger looming large over the heads of the unwitting people who live them. Do the monsters get them? Do the ghosts haunt them forever? It’s possible no one will ever know.

No place is without its history, without its monsters. A man might live in a house already occupied–and have a ghost follow him to bed at night. A teenager might see herself in the mirror–and know that that isn’t her at all. A girl might learn about the history of the town she grew up in–and feel the presence of someone not much older than her who was mowed down by villains with bows and arrows.

Sometimes, monsters are just wronged spirits, looking for vengeance, hoping to even the score. Museums are full of stolen objects, so is it any wonder that the spirits that live in them would take vengeance on the guards who hold them captive? Babies, abused or neglected, might wait with sharpened teeth for the unfortunate soul that opens the door to their locked nursery. Grandma might wear the skin of the wolf that ate her and make her way through the woods to visit her granddaughter for a change.

Some places are full of memories–and full of ghosts. A shadow of woman sleeps on the floor next to a man’s bed–because this used to be her room. The stairwell of an old building creaks with footsteps besides those of the woman who lives there now–as a shadow follows her up the stairs. A little girl might learn that the hospital is scary after all–as it echoes with the spirits of those who never got to leave it, their stitches and scars present even in the afterlife.

And Halloween is the time when everyone goes looking for their haunts, seeking the spooks and scares of the season. They might not be prepared for the creatures that arrive in their world or the fact that they might not ever leave. A little boy trying to trick-or-treat at the door of a friend who moved away might not know that a ghost still lives there. A girl dressed as a witch might not know that the broom she found in the woods belonged to a real witch–someone who is still very attached to it. A teenager who said the forbidden words three times into a mirror probably didn’t expected a very real demon to appear at his shoulder.

Eerie and quiet, Behind You gives just a taste of a world in which anything could be lingering in the periphery, waiting to tap your shoulder, to whisper in your ear–or even to devour you whole. In most cases what is following you is something you never saw coming.