Written by Ben Wagner. Art by Nathan St. John. 

Everyman Zack and Hil, his femme fatale lover, have crossed the border into Mexico after hitting pay dirt. He’s crazy about her and will do anything to make her happy. Buy a yacht, sail around the world…anything. But as they venture into the ruthless, sun-scorched plains of the Baja California Desert, their big plans for the future are quickly derailed. Their car is vandalized. And on the highway, they’re followed by a mysterious truck with a threatening driver.

Terrified, Zack and Hil gun their car into the heart of the desert. But their stalker is out for blood and won’t let up until they’re both killed. Who is he and what does he want? Things look grim when Zack and Hil run out of gas in the middle of nowhere. With the truck hot on the trail and left with no other choice, Zack gets out of their car and prepares to confront their pursuer once and for all…

Blaine and Lana…. Happily married and doing well with their careers, though Blaine can’t stop worrying about money. They’re having a baby and planning on buying a house that’s way out of their budget. But that’s turns out to be the least of their concerns when one day two masked and armed kidnappers—who seem oddly familiar—appear out of nowhere and ambush them.

Back to Zack, in a former life. He’s married to a woman named Moira who’s expecting their child…and worries that he isn’t ready to be a father. On their way home from a doctor’s appointment, they’re caught in the middle of a bank heist. Acting purely on instinct, Zack kills the masked robber…he’s hailed as a hero but the stress of the attack causes Moira to miscarry. Unable to overcome the knowledge that Zack doubted being a father, Moira leaves him. Some time later, a gorgeous waitress at a diner recognizes him from the news. She introduces herself—her name is Hil.

Hil isn’t like anyone Zack’s ever met. She has a thing for bad boys and wants more out of life than just waiting tables. Everyone thinks Zack is a hero, but he wound up with nothing after killing that robber—no wife, no baby. As he and Hil grow closer, she convinces him that if they rob someone and make a big score, they can disappear and never worry about money again. A young couple, maybe, who are about to buy a home…

And the story continues to fold on top of itself until all the patterns are clear and all the tragedies are clearly intertwined.

Visually haunting and complex, Baja is a cautionary tale of greed, lust, adrenalin, and revenge. As the plot shifts perspective and leaps back and forth in time, all three stories weave together. When the mystery is eventually solved, the truth is more shocking than you can imagine— because no matter where you run, you can’t outrun yourself.