Astounding Space Thrills


Created by Steve Conley.

Indiana Jones meets Guardians Of The Galaxy in Astounding Space Thrills: Argosy Smith. A wild sci-fi/space adventure from the mind of Eisner Nominated and Eagle Award–winning Steve Conley.

Argosy Smith lives each day of his life to the fullest; with a smirk on his face, a pocket full of charm, a thirst for knowledge, and a wisecrack at every turn. Not to mention he’s a genius programmer, engineer and scientist. What drives him? Probably the fact that when he was ten years old, a carnival mystic prophesied that he would die on his 25th birthday, which just so happens to be tomorrow…

It’s the early 21st century, and a galactic event called The Shift has changed everything we know about the laws of physics. Time flows differently, particles don’t act the way that they used to, and long distance space travel is now possible. Aliens from across the cosmos have now flocked to Earth, turning it into an intergalactic hub of trade, art, food, culture and of course…drugs, crime and gambling – you know the fun stuff.

Racing against his own personal doomsday clock, Argosy Smith has less than one day to find The Codex, a long lost manuscript written by Leonardo da Vinci himself, which contains the secrets of the universe; a relic Smith has been searching for his entire life.

Along with a reluctant sidekick – an alien office clerk who secretly longs for adventure; Argosy dodges death rays, space monkeys and Martian mercenaries to rescue the Codex, ensuring that its knowledge stays out of evil hands.

If this is truly his last adventure, Argosy is going to make it count! Oh, and if it turns out that carnival mystic’s prophecy is wrong? Then so be it, he’s spent the past 15 years of his life living the way he wanted to.

Argosy Smith is an old school golden-age sci-fi adventure reborn for the 21st century. A story about living as if tomorrow is the last day of your life….Just in case.