Created by William Gibson and Michael St. John Smith. Art By Butch Guice.

Archangel is the first comic book by award winning novelist William Gibson, one of the most influential novelists of the past century and a pioneer of science fiction writing.

It is an alt universe story set in 2017 in which the world has been decimated by radiation and a mercenary American government. A nefarious father-and-son US President/Vice President duo hatch a plot to travel back in time to WWII to kill their own forebear, an honorable soldier in occupied Germany thus securing mastery of the multifarious Americas for themselves.

They’re pitted against badass USMC special-ops assassins in a chase through time and members of the 1940s US OSS and British secret service who can smell that something is up. A tangled web of complex relationships make this series the best of spy thrillers, time travel, espionage and even a little romance.

Archangel is intricate military science fiction mercilessly optimized for our modern political era in which history does not always inform progress.