Apocrypha Now


Written by Mark Russell. Art by Shannon Wheeler.

Ever wonder what didn’t make it into the Bible? The creators of God is Disappointed in You take on some lesser-known (but just as wild) religious texts in Apocrypha Now, their outrageous satire of early theological writings.

Find out why the moon cried, how God wins bets, what really happened to Adam’s first wife, and when “no take-backs” became a thing, in an epic tale that covers everything from the Garden of Eden to the Promised Land—with an irreverent, lively sense of humor.

Applying razor-sharp wit that cleverly pokes fun at the source material, this modern interpretation is never so pointed in its ribbing as to distract from the fun, engaging presentation. Much like Mel Brooks’ History of the World: Part I, it mines for comedy without being derisive.

For anyone who’s been curious about the Bible’s deleted scenes, and why they may have been cut, Apocrypha Now offers a hilarious look at the bonus features of religion’s most amazing stories.