American Freakshow


Written by Steve Niles. Art by Chee.

Have you ever imagined living your life trapped in a twisted and deformed body? Horror master Steve Niles has, and he’s serving it up on a platter in American Freakshow – a sordid story of the bizarre and cruel life of a carnival freak as he seeks redemption (maybe) and murder (definitely) in a Florida trailer park.

Sideshow act Dante Browning, known to the world as “Sloth Boy,” is beloved by carnival goers across America. But behind the show biz curtain, he has a cruel streak. He loves his vices—women, booze, brawling. For decades, he cuts a destructive swath of violence, abuse, and even murder across the Heartland. But his reign of terror grinds to an immediate halt when he’s shot to death in a Florida trailer park.

Who could have killed him? Was it Kathy, his long-suffering first wife? She’s never stopped loving him, even though he destroyed her. Or maybe it was Donna, Dante’s eldest daughter. He made no secret of despising her for being his only “normie” child. There’s also Robbie, Kathy’s second husband, who’d do anything to make her happy. And of course Robbie Jr., their son. Dante has made so many enemies that it’s a miracle he wasn’t shot sooner.

Based on several true stories about circus freaks, and told in the style of a documentary, American Freakshow proves that real life is stranger than fiction as it follows Dante through his brutal and warped existence, beginning with his days as a sideshow freak and continuing on through his attempt at normalcy in the bowels of a Florida trailer park Dante’s tragic legacy of love, betrayal, and revenge is twisted and shocking…and as American as apple pie.