Amazing Forest


Created by Ulises Fariñas and Erick Freitas.

From Erick Freitas and Ulises Fariñas (Judge Dredd) comes Amazing Forest, a stunning anthology of twenty-four dark and fantastic stories that “span themes ranging from the meaning of heroism to the destructiveness of isolationism,” hitting “the mark for readers seeking something a little—no, a lot—different” (Comic Book Resources).

The first story in the series, “Tank”, takes place in a dystopian world that has been invaded by deadly alien shapeshifting “slimes” resembling the surviving human’s friends and relatives. For years, Arnoldo, a doctor, has been isolated inside of a gigantic tank with three soldiers assigned to kill the aliens. When Arnoldo sees his wife and children among the slimes, he knows that they aren’t real, but he longs to join them anyway. The other soldiers, who are all sick from their quarantine, despise him for being weak-willed. Arnoldo knows that he’ll die if he leaves the tank. But he’ll do anything to reunite with his “family.”

In “Ronnie the Robot,” widowed Connie and her young daughter struggle to look after their farm. Until a gigantic robot shows up on their property. Connie knows that Ronnie, her long lost soldier husband is trapped inside, and tries to free him. But her boorish neighbors want Connie all to themselves, and have their own plans for the robot.

Serving up more weirdness, “The Birdwatcher” is about a man in a forest who comes across an owl with human hands…and a face exactly like his own. He becomes obsessed with finding the owl. And drives his wife away. But just like Captain Ahab in Moby-Dick, he continues his quest…and winds up losing himself.

Evil has never been more banal in “Van Dark,” which tells the story of a pencil pusher stuck in a bureaucratic job causing misery and mayhem across the universe.

Hoping to sabotage his company, he enlists cute and cuddly soldiers to fight an evil war, and woos an alien princess he’s been assigned to assassinate. But he’s too good at his job—his “screw-ups” keep backfiring…

And if you’re looking for something (sort of) lighter, “Detective Dunk and the Cannibal Cult” follows a bumbling investigator who’s convinced that devil-worshipping flesh-eaters are behind a spate of priceless knife burglaries. His prime suspect is a mysterious dandy who wears a hat with a yellow dahlia. Despite being ridiculed by his colleagues, Dunk pursues the man in the hat and uncovers the bizarre truth behind the missing silverware.

Injecting the reader with the unexpected, Amazing Forest grows wild and gnarled around emotional truths that hold a mirror up to our dark times. Stunning, thought-provoking…and perfect for anyone who thinks “normal” is boring.