Alone Forever


Created by Liz Prince.

Comic creator Liz seems to have it all—she’s young…cute…talented. She knows what she likes and doesn’t like. Tattoos and plaid shirts, yes. Pretty boys like Robert Pattinson, hard NO. In her home-base city, she’s built a fan base of fellow hipsters who dig her comics. She has lots of friends who are pretty amazing, when they’re not blathering on about mixtapes. Although she’s content being single … she says, there are lonely days when she longs for that special someone who ticks off the right boxes: smart…funny…bearded. It doesn’t help that all her friends are married and having kids, or starting new relationships that they keep announcing on social media. Every guy she meets is taken…or lame…or just not that into her.

You’d think that dating these days is like a hipster version of Sex in the City, with craft beer and Doc Martens instead of martinis and Manolos. But Liz dresses like a grade-schooler, holing herself up in her apartment with her two cats and binging on mac and cheese. But she has no apologies. She’s just being herself, complicated and relatable, falling somewhere between funny and self-deprecating. Sometimes, she’s a “master of the flirt” with cute boys…but mostly, she just freaks them out.

One lonely night, she registers on OkCupid…and dives into a dating pool of shirtless creeps and basic bros with bad pickup lines and flip-flops. Online dating is nothing like her rom-com fantasies of making eyes with someone across a crowded room and falling head over heels at first sight. There’s nothing sexy about reading someone’s laundry list of likes and dislikes on a website. But she returns to OkCupid again and again…even her computer mocks her: “I knew you’d be back.”

To prove she’s not desperate, Liz begins a long distance relationship with a guy in a punk band. Not that she really likes him, but his persistent wooing is flattering. It turns out he just likes the chase, and backs off once he wins her over. And she lets him. It hurts, but through all her dating adventures and misadventures, she has finally learned how to walk away from hurtful situations.

Alone Forever pinpoints the exasperation of dating life in the modern age. We’ve all had relationships that began and ended with a click of a mouse, hoping for true love while feeling lonely and heartbroken – staring at a screen. Through the both hilarious and depressing online dating world, Liz eventually learns more about herself and becomes comfortable with who she is, even if she doesn’t find “the one.” Liz really has a great life! Even if it involves a lot of time with her cats.