After The Fire


Written by Tom Waltz. Art by Guiu Vilanova.

A bombshell wife. A precocious young daughter. A decorated career as a police detective. Detective Shane Collins lived the dream, but he died in a nightmare. From Tom Waltz comes After the Fire, a haunting story of honor and betrayal, where the truth can hurt far worse than lies.

Detective Shane Collins and his daughter are smoked out of their own home by Popper, a crackhead with an arson problem. Before succumbing to his untimely death, Collins manages to throw his daughter to safety through a window… and right into the arms of the druggie who’s awaiting with a knife, and stuttering, “… no loose ends!” Distant ambulance sirens scare the criminal into hiding, and thus save the young girls life. But for how long?

As Shane’s soul crosses the bridge between life and death, he is given a second chance to protect his daughter and seek vengeance against his unknown assailants.

In the physical world Det. Frank Hannity, Shane’s grieving partner, spends his days on a guilt-ridden barstool, drowning in what-ifs and other theories. Hannity narrows his attention to two easy targets – Sweeney and Cotts, detectives who’s questionable reputations supersede the honor of their badge. But, did they have a bone to pick with Collins?

As Hannity searches for clues, Shane returns as a spirit who engulfed in flames, visible to only those he chooses. His first visit? Popper, the good-for-nothing burnout who murdered for hire. But, who was his employer? And are Sweeny and Cotts involved? Working parallel tracks – will Hannity get his man before Shane gets his revenge?

Only one thing is for certain on this road to perdition, no one is without sin.