Adventures in Oz


Created by Eric Shanower.

The Wicked Witches of the East and West are long gone, but Dorothy’s adventures in Oz are just getting started. Full of magic, excitement, and peril, Adventures In Oz collects together the many adventures of Dorothy as she and her friends band together against the dangers that threaten the enchanted land that they love.

In “The Enchanted Apples of Oz,” Dorothy, Scarecrow and Billina the hen have decided to take a stroll down the yellow brick road–but their path is blocked by the appearance of a large castle. When Dorothy knocks on the front door, out comes the mistress of the castle: a beautiful woman named Valynn who has spent the past century in limbo as protector of the Enchanted Apples which serve as the source of all the magic of Oz. If any of the apples are picked from their tree, Oz will lose its magic forever!

Meanwhile, Bortag, a talentless sorcerer, is desperate to find the apples and had learned of the castle’s mysterious return! An outcast from the town of Glun, Bortag lived as a hermit and taught himself magic (poorly). Resigned to a life of misery and loneliness, Bortag aimlessly wanders the outskirts of Ox and auspicioulsy finds the Wicked Witch of the South lying in enchanted sleep at the edge of the Deadly Desert. Determined to have the magic necessary to wake her, he and his flying swordfish Drox steal a bagful of Enchanted Apples. As the magic of Oz withers away–Bortag realizes it’s all his fault! Now Bortag must decide if his desire for companionship is worth the destruction of Oz itself–and in the process, he just might discover that he’s had the friend he’s always wanted all along.

In “The Ice King of Oz,” Princess Ozma meets with an envoy of Ice Imps from the far-off frozen Ice Kingdom in the hopes of forging an alliance between the two lands. However, this diplomatic forray quickly turns south when Princess Ozma is abducted and whisked away to the Ice Kingdom to become the Ice King’s unwilling wife!

As Dorothy scrambles to figure out a rescue plan, a new hope emerges: Flicker, who was cursed by the Wicked Witch of the West to live as a candle! Indebted to Dorothy for the destruction of the Wicked Witch and unwilling to witness the enslavement of Princess Ozma, Flicker convinces Dorothy to take him along on the journey to the Ice Kingdom, where perhaps, with his heart and soul, he can provide enough warmth to melt the heart of a frozen king.

The absurd and often terrifying wonder of L. Frank Baum’s magical land of Oz is filled with new enchantment, danger, and magic—reminding us of a land where friendship and determination can overcome anything and any villain can have a chance at redemption if their heart desires it.