Adventure Kartel


Created by Ashley Wood.

A science-fiction/horror world of bright colors, sharp edges, brutal violence, and off-the-wall characters, Adventure Kartel is a gleeful romp through a dystopian future unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Back before the sleek towers of New Andria rose like techno tombstones out of the dry, cracked Earth, most locals called this place Shadow City. That wasn’t really its name, but it may as well have been, since the entire city was run by a criminal organization known as the Shadow Family. Then the meteor hit and turned the city into a smoldering crater. On the ruins of Shadow City arose New Andria, a futuristic metropolis powered by what locals call the Heart, a thermo energy unit buried deep beneath the Earth.

JC is not so optimistic about the future of New Andria. After losing his wife in the meteor landing, JC was left to raise his son Tommy all by himself. But fatherhood wasn’t his only focus. In addition to teaching Tommy everything he knew (weaponry, combat, and generally being a crafty little #!&$^@), he also started the Adventure Kartel, an organization dedicated to fighting evil in New Andria. After all, the city may have a new name, but the same rot is at its core.

Unfortunately, the Shadow Family isn’t his only problem. JC is sure that something is horribly wrong with the Heart and that the future of New Andria itself may be at stake but before he can investigate further, he vanishes.

Now, it’s up to Tommy to take over the Adventure Kartel, find his father and figure out how to save New Andria from certain destruction – again! But his mission won’t be easy. Standing in his way are mysterious mercenaries eager to keep the Heart’s dark secrets locked up, an ex-girlfriend who may or may not want to see him dead, and a twisted individual known as Zomb MD, who’s devised a way to turn unwilling citizens into his undead minions.

Packed with amazing characters, intense action, futuristic weapons, and a strain of black comedy, Adventure Kartel is more than just an action adventure story – it’s a story about a son trying to make a connection with his father through a shared loss…oh and by saving him from colorful assassins and zombies…