A Man Named Hawken


“The ghosts provide a direct link between the readers and Hawken,” says Truman. “He’s a tough old bastard on the outside, but his relationship with the ghosts provide insights into his inner world. I think readers will come for the two-fisted, six-gun action and stay for the character.”


Created by Benjamin Truman.

Wild West master artist Timothy Truman and son, writer Ben Truman, join forces for A Man Named Hawken—the tale of an unrepentant man haunted by those he has killed.

Kit Hawken is a bad, bad man. So bad, that the ghosts of his victims refuse to leave him. But he has little remorse for those he has scalped, raided, and killed; if anything, he finds their constant presence annoying. He’s more concerned about The Ring—a mysterious order that tried to kill Hawken by scalping him and leaving him for dead. When he survived, Hawken found a new purpose in life: vengeance, in its most foul and dirty form.

To hunt down members of The Ring, Hawken needs more than just a good aim with a shotgun. He needs information. Some of it comes from the sneaky bitch Lil—his ghostly advisor with a hole instead of a right eye. It’s enough to lead him to La Misión De Los Indios in the Sonoran Desert, where a Ring deserter turned priest lays waiting. He claims he has given himself to the Lord, who has forgiven him of his sins. But it doesn’t stop Hawken from pointing the barrel of his gun below the priest’s chin and pulling the trigger.

The rest of Hawken’s information tends to come from creative interrogation tactics, such as hoisting a man on a cactus and pissing on his face. As he gets closer to the leader of those who bear the snake-crested rings, he enlists the help of Shanghai Mary—an opium-dealing brothel manager in the employ of The Ring. It’s a game of high stakes, considering Mary blames Hawken for her husband’s suicide. But she’s also the only lead Hawken’s got to Mr. Gallis: the boss of The Ring and owner of Hawken’s scalp.

Too bad Mr. Gallis has got his own ace in the hole: Sombre—the deformed, cannibalistic murderer who was once Hawken’s protégé. It’s unfortunate that the man isn’t as dumb as he is ugly, for Sombre is hot on Hawken’s trail. He’s moving faster than Hawken, who Shanghai Mary slows down with a scavenging errand. It seems inevitable for the younger, more powerful, and more sadistic version of Hawken to catch up and end his teacher’s quest for vengeance.

But for Hawken, his journey is more than a path of retribution. It’s about finishing what he has started. And it’ll be a cold day in hell before he lets anyone stop him.