A Hero’s Death


From industry legend Mark Texeira (Ghost Rider, Punisher) and writer Ricardo Sanchez (Resident Evil, Legends of the Dark Knight) comes a story about our collective need for hope, optimism, and heroes.


Written by Ricardo Sanchez. Illustrated by Mark Texeira.

From comic book titans Ricardo Sanchez and Mark Texeira (comes A Hero’s Death, a story about our collective need for hope, optimism, and heroes. The Hero died 20 years ago but her death still haunts one young reporter. Now, on the anniversary of her death, a reporter digs in to find the truth about what really happened in hopes of resurrecting her memory and the ideals for which she stood.

In a sprawling city that’s jam-packed with crime and danger, most people have forgotten about the Hero. Even though she put her life on the line many, many times to rescue over two thousand people. Men…women…children. The Hero brought about a Golden Age of safety and security in the city. But everything came to a tragic end twenty years ago when she died trying to rescue a family of illegal immigrants from an exploding bomb. The few who do remember her wonder if she was in it for the fame, the publicity – some say that she herself planted the bomb that killed her. But young reporter Laura Halsey refuses to believe the whispers.

After digging into the city’s annals, Laura learns that an older woman named Miss Weller may have witnessed the Hero’s death. She’s positive that she can find out what happened on that fateful day and put an end to the slander.

When Laura shows up at Miss Weller’s door, she’s guarded and hostile. The last thing she wants is to talk about the past, let alone give Laura the time of day. But Laura doesn’t give up easily. She persuades Miss Weller that the city needs the memory of Hero more than ever. Children have nobody to look up to these days. Only Miss Weller can help Laura uncover the truth about the Hero and spread her legacy. It’s the city’s only hope for a peaceful future.

The Hero’s Death is a bittersweet but hopeful homage to vintage comic books. The Hero would rather die than fail at helping everyone in need. But it’s not the Hero’s success that inspires—it’s her bravery.