Pinocchio Vampire Slayer


Created by Van Jensen and Dusty Higgins.

This ain’t Walt Disney’s Pinocchio! Grab your wooden stakes and garlic, because you’ll need them in this demented sequel to the original Pinocchio story, a tale of vampiric carnage that was named one of the top ten teen graphic novels of 2010 by the Young Adult Library Services Association. In Pinocchio: Vampire Slayer, Pinocchio may not be a real boy, but he IS a real badass!

Although most people remember the Disney version of Pinocchio, the original story is actually quite a bit darker than the film. Filled with murderous animals, talking rabbits delivering visions of doom, and the ghost of Jiminy Cricket (did you know that in the original story Pinocchio KILLED him with a shoe?!), the Pinocchio of this tale is a world-weary, tough-talking puppet who’s nothing like the earnest little boy we all think of when we hear the name Pinocchio.

A bit older, a bit wiser, Pinocchio thought he’d seen the worst of the world after surviving being turned into a donkey and spending some time inside the belly of a giant fish. But he was wrong. So wrong. After watching Geppetto murdered in front of him by vampires, Pinocchio now stalks the shadowy streets of his village, stabbing his way through undead bloodsuckers with wooden stakes he breaks off from his own nose each time he tells a lie.

Together with aging carpenter Cherry, the Azure Fairy, and the ghost of Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio wages a nightly war on the vampires, trying to find the ones that killed Geppetto. But he has to hurry. A mysterious vampire known only as the Dark Master has come to town, and he has plans to turn Pinocchio’s village into a slaughterhouse by the summer’s end. If Pinocchio is going to stop him, he needs all the townsfolk to rally behind him, but that might be harder than he thinks. Vampires turn to dust when they die, which makes the whole evidence thing pretty difficult, and a pair of mysterious figures from Pinocchio’s past have arrived in the village disguised as wealthy businessmen intent on convincing everyone (including the beautiful Carlotta, a young woman who’s captured Pinocchio’s wooden heart) that Pinocchio is lying about the creatures he hunts.

Now, Pinocchio will try to redeem his name with his neighbors while fighting off increasingly vicious vampire attacks on his home and the people who are most important to him. Will Pinocchio be able to defeat Dark Master and his horde of vampires, or will he just end up scrap wood?

An off-the-wall sequel to a canonical piece of children’s literature, Pinocchio: Vampire Slayer combines creeping horror, all-out action, and dry humor in a series about heroism, survival, and one small talking puppet’s quest for violent revenge.