5 Days To Die


After surviving a terrible car accident, Det. Ray Crisara is left a widower and his daughter is in critical condition. Believing the accident was a planned hit, he must decide to track the killer or stay with his little girl. With a brain injury that leaves Ray less than a week to live, how will he decide to spend his last days on Earth?


Written by Andy Schmidt. Art by Chee.

A terrible car crash leaves tough cop Ray Crisara a widower with a brain injury and a daughter in critical condition. His obsession with taking down his nemesis has him putting revenge before his family and is own health. Created by Andy Schmidt and Chee Yang Ong, Five Days to Die is a heart-pumping thrill ride that Broken Frontier calls, “…psychologically twisted, emotionally intense, and always driving towards its conclusion.”

Driving home late one night, an argument fueled by jealousy in front of their teenage daughter, Suzie, doesn’t paint a picture of marital bliss for tough cop Ray Crisara and his wife, Debra. But before the couple can make up, a speeding truck crashes into their car. His wife, Debra, dies during surgery, their daughter, Suzie, is left in critical condition while Crisara is left unconscious in the hospital with a traumatic brain injury requiring surgery as soon as he comes to.

When Crisara awakens, he discovers a shadowy figure in his hospital room who vanishes before Crisara can question him. He suspects that the visitor was Hoverman, a drug lord he’s been pursuing, and that he orchestrated the hit and will most certainly come back to finish the job unless Crisara finishes it first.

But brain surgery doesn’t fit into his revenge time line, the doctors give him five days to live without the surgery – to Crisara, that means five days to avenge his wife’s death before Hoverman gets away with murder. Despite the doctors’ warnings, Crisara leaves the hospital knowing that Hoverman will stop at nothing to finish the job he started.

But what’s really fueling his mission: justice, survival, revenge, or something more twisted? In classic noir style, this gritty tale of retribution will have you questioning right and wrong, good and evil, right up until the bitter end. Crisara has either five days to live or five days to die – only he can choose.